Company Overview

Lunar Technologies is America's premier space industrial company, dedicated to fostering humanity's permanent expansion into space. We strive to create innovative technologies that push the boundaries of what is possible in space exploration and inspire future generations to continue exploring the universe.

Welding Engineer

As a Welding Engineer on the Additive Manufacturing team at Lunar Technologies, your primary responsibility will be to help develop advance LUNAR's metal additive manufacturing systems and printing process along with lab testing, microstructure analysis, and creation of test structures.

In this role, you will work closely with a multidisciplinary group of engineers, material scientists, and metallurgists to develop, build, test, and fly new metal additive manufacturing and welding technologies and approaches, with an emphasis on completed project experience and hands-on knowledge of first principles engineering.

Engineering Tasks and Responsibilities

  • Lead the development of new metal additive manufacturing and welding technologies with a focus on completed project experience.
  • Perform laboratory-scale research programs and full-scale industrial experiments.
  • Conduct iterative experimentation and optimization of additive manufacturing and welding technologies with a hands-on approach to engineering.
  • Improve printed part quality via defining novel sequences\ algorithms and by process parameter manipulation.
  • Serve as a responsible engineer and take extreme ownership of the modeling, designing, and testing of metal additive manufacturing processes with a strong emphasis on first principles engineering.
  • Drive technology improvements; work with engineers and teams across the company to ensure success of components. Innovate.

Basic Qualifications

  • 5+ years of experience with metal additive manufacturing or welding in a technical environment with completed project experience.
  • Previous experience in technology maturation and development of metal additive manufacturing and/or welding systems with a strong emphasis on first principles engineering.
  • Bachelor’s degree in welding engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace engineering, math, engineering, or scientific discipline.

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Strong first-principles engineering fundamentals.
  • Expert understanding of metal additive manufacturing and/or welding processes with a focus on completed project experience.
  • Experience in electrical engineering.
  • Experience working with and operating robotics.
  • Experience with one or more programming languages, preferably C and G Code.
  • Basic domain knowledge including surface mount soldering, EMI protection of circuits, and control of circuits using Arduinos.
  • Basic understanding of solid state power components/circuits (e.g. switched mode power supply topologies, power transformers, capacitors, MOSFET’s, thyristors) and integrated circuits.
  • Excellent communicator with the ability to work well in an integrated team including daily interactions with technicians, engineers, managers, and suppliers.
  • Hands-on experience with 3D printer design/fabrication/troubleshooting.

Additional Requirements

  • Excited to work in a startup company culture and atmosphere.
  • This position is located at Lunar Resources' facility in Houston, TX. Remote work is NOT possible for this position.