Photovoltaic Materials Scientist
Lunar Resources, America’s leading space industrial company, is pioneering space manufacturing, off-earth resource extraction, and in-situ resource utilization. A corporate spin-off from various NASA-sponsored technology development programs, Lunar Resources objective is to enable the economic utilization of space’s resources to enable humanity to build off earth.

Photovoltaic Materials Scientist (Space Manufacturing Technologies)

The space manufacturing team is responsible for developing a range of technologies to manufacture, fabricate and weld metals and metal oxides in microgravity and the Moon. As a responsible materials scientist the space manufacturing team, you will work with a multidisciplinary group of engineers, material scientists, electrochemists and metallurgists to fabricate photovoltaic arrays in space and on the Moon.


  • Synthesis, processing, optimizing and characterization of single junction photovoltaic thin films.
  • Fabrication and characterization of thin film photovoltaic devices.
  • Optimization of processing methods for the production of single junction photovoltaics utilizing space manufacturing technologies.
  • Hold design reviews internally, and participate in reviews with suppliers and customers.
  • Drive technology improvements; work with engineers and teams across the company to ensure success of components. Innovate.


  • PhD in Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science/Engineering, or a closely related science, engineering, or mathematics field.
  • +2 years (inclusive of advanced academic studies) experience working with vaccum systems and thin film deposition technologies.
  • Proficiency with basic laboratory data analysis and visualization software.
  • Fundamental understanding of UV/VIS/IR technologies.
  • Design of thin film technologies and applications.
  • Materials expertise related to silicon photovoltaic materials.


  • Strong first-principles engineering fundamentals
  • Comfort using Eagle for PCB layout and schematic capture, including making custom library components.
  • Previous experience designing and fabricating photovoltaic devices.
  • Experience in the development of processing-structure-property relationships through systematic experimental design. Experience with nano- and micro-structural characterization of materials.
  • Materials expertise related to silicon photovoltaic materials.
  • Knowledge and experience with processes for applying thin films to various substrates (e.g. deposition, sputtering).
  • Measurement and analysis of optical filters (XRD, SEM/TEM, spectrophotometry, etc.)


  • Extended hours and weekend work may be required to support critical project and mission milestones.
  • Excited to work in a startup company culture and atmosphere.
  • This position is located at Lunar Resources' facility in Houston, TX. Remote work is NOT possible for this position.